Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 2...Lower body & Abs!

This workout is going to be extremely demanding be sure to load up on your carbohydrates!! We need to up the intensity of our workouts!! If you are going to be there at least act like you want to be there, nothing worse then seeing people yawning after a set, are you kidding me? and the benches are made for lifting not sleeping on!!! That just means you didn't properly prepare yourself for you workout, which means you might as well have stayed in bed. If you can not come with a positive attitude and give it your best, please do not come at all! I would say about 95% of my people come in and bust their asses while that other 5% continue to drag the energy of class down, so please check yourself and if you are one of those people please change your attitude! On a positive note we will be doing some different things tomorrow so be ready for a crazy lower body workout!!!

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