Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 4...Cardiovascular Endurance!

Hey RiPPEd clients, it is the end of cardio week and you know we always go out with a bang, and we are going  to do just that tomorrow! Time to introduce you to the downtown parking ramp, but don't worry we will get you all warmed up with some boxing and treadmill circuits! Tomorrow will tell you a little something about yourself and prove to me and more importantly you how bad you want to reach your physical fitness goals. If you think sprinting at a twelve incline on the treadmill is hard, just wait till you do it with out the treadmill belt moving your feet! You can either give a half ass effort or look at this as a new challenge and show up tomorrow and give it everything you got and kick the ramp's ass! I know you can physically we will see if you can get past the mental aspect of it! Do not worry I will be sure to let you know if you passed or failed! Please don't make me have to be rude! See you bright and early...I am going to have you saying, "THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY".

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