Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 4...Legs, Abdominals, & Plyo!!!

Hey RiPPEd Clients, here comes your favorite day, I know it is :)! We are going to hit the legs heavy, drop the weight, and quickly superset with abs and plyo-metrics to work the core and legs! It is going to burn but just remember that burn and pain is change happening, it is you pushing yourself to your limitations, it is you striving to take it to the next level and change your body, and when you reach absolute failure you have taken your muscles and body to a whole new level...DO NOT continue to do the same amount of weight at the same amount of reps week after week! Every day you walk into the stretch studio you have a chance to better yourself physically by changing your body and mentally by improving your energy and confidence, so lets make it happen!

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